Traditional Baking Methods

Modern profit-driven food production means many of the gluten free products available on supermarket shelves are miles away from how they would taste if made by hand, without compromising for cheap ingredients and adding chemicals to make them shelf-stable. 

By going back to traditional baking methods and using a gluten free sourdough starter and natural, wholesome ingredients, we create a far superior gluten free loaf that tastes, feels, bends, squishes and toasts like real bread, and is better for you.

We use a handmade (and lovingly tended to) gluten free starter, that generates natural yeast and carbon dioxide so the bread rises naturally and gets its soft, fluffy texture.

This is a centuries-old baking method that most commercial bakeries have long since abandoned, in favour of machines, ingredients and techniques that can make loaves in minutes, rather than the days a traditional bread takes to make. Instead, we go back to the way bread should be, and you can damn well taste the difference.

Salt, water, our special gluten free flour blend and time, are all you need to make a beautiful loaf of bread, and we take the time to hand make it for you.