Sustainably Gluten Free

Sustainable food production is close to our hearts. However, it’s a careful balance when making gluten free products. 

We bake in a dedicated gluten free kitchen, where no flour enters the premises and we lab test our bread regularly. In order to guarantee our bread doesn’t get contaminated, we need to vacuum seal our loaves. We are very excited to share we are currently testing 100% compostable packaging (including labels) which we aim to launch by the end of this year. Our insulated shipping boxes are also recyclable (and made from recycled materials), and lined a wool lining that is ethical, sustainable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

We support Aussie farmers wherever possible by buying Australian made flours, however our priority must always be to ensure our suppliers can guarantee a gluten free product that is regularly tested and not contaminated by gluten containing flours, which means they must be processed in a separate facility. For this reason, some of our ingredients must be imported from overseas, but we are constantly on the lookout for new suppliers. Our gluten free sourdough is made from 88% Australian ingredients.

We aim to have near zero waste, achievable given our main ingredients are dry goods. Our loaves are stored and shipped frozen, which allows as to both minimise wastage and deliver the freshest possible loaf. Defrost it in the oven (from frozen) to have a delicious, fresh-baked loaf.